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Bouquet Nobile to Brazil

Preço: R$193,70

Preço Promocional R$178,80

ou 3x de R$ 59,60

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The most traditional and gift of roses bouquet!

All our prices are in brazilian reais. The price of this products, R$ 192,00, is approximately 54 dollars or 50 Euros.

Beautiful bouquet Combining the beauty and scent of several noble flowers of the time, such as lilies, Gerberas, Lisianthus, Alstroemias, roses, etc., in a harmonious, elegant and colorful arrangement. Bouquet approx. 45 cm high. Produced with fresh and selected flowers, subject to substitution by equivalent flowers according to the locality, this product is manufactured locally on the date of delivery with all affection by our local florists. Thus the flowers do not suffer with journeys over long distances, preserving their quality, freshness and scent.

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